Why am I praying this?

Haddie Bo Bo, It's been awhile since I have written you.  I'm sorry.  It's not that I haven't thought about you daily...or every time I breath.  I told your daddy that I have felt like I have been neglecting you because of baby Fitz.  He said that he thinks of you more now that Fitz

Fitzgerald “Fitz” Penn Bromley

Haddie Bo Bo, Last Saturday we welcomed your brother Fitzgerald Penn Bromley. My doctor was off this week because of the holiday and I was scheduled to see a different doctor.  I was not thrilled about this.  In fact I made it clear to anyone who would listen that I wasn't going to go to

What About Haddie?

Haddie Bo Bo, Did you know that day that it was your last?  That when you laid down you wouldn't get back up.  Did you know when you closed your eyes that day that they wouldn't open again?  Were you scared?  Did you struggle, or was it peaceful?  I have always told myself that you