Haddie Bo Bo,

Today was a great day!  I set up your “Haddie Tree” at Aunt Alisa’s gym.  So many people helped me from gluing, cutting, copying, and holding doors open.  It looks amazing and I am so proud.  We are set up to receive donations by check or PayPal and I posted the link on my blog.

I got a phone call today that changed everything.  Halo Sleep called me and agreed to partner with me in this new initiative.  They are willing to sell me the sleep sacks at cost and have them embroidered with our logo.  So for the price of 1 sleep sack in the stores I will be able to purchase 3.5 sleep sacks.  This is great news, it means people’s generous donations will go so much farther.  I broke down knowing that your name would be on every single sleep sack.  To get this started I have to purchase an order of 264 sleep sacks which is around $2000.  So that is our first goal!

I found out that the owner of Halo lost a son to SIDS.  After that he quit his “day job” to dedicate his life to researching why babies die of SIDS.  He found out that so many more babies died in the US due to SIDS than in Europe.  It was because Europe used Sleep Sacks-they weren’t called that at the time.  
Haddie you were 9 months, 4 days shy of 10 months, when you passed.  The biggest misconception is that only newborns or young babies die from poor Safe Sleep practices.  But that’s not true.  Babies up to 12 months shouldn’t be sleeping with anything in their crib.  Some babies even after a year.  It is my mission to education parents about the importance of Safe Sleep so that no one has to experience this pain.  
I am blown away by the support and generosity that people have already shown us in the short time since we announced our launch.  We ARE SO GRATEFUL.  I cannot say that enough.   
We love you baby and this is all for you.  I hope you would be proud.