Haddie Bo Bo,

I did some traveling for work.  Things started off well but then I had a strange experience and then everything took a turn for the worst!

I’ll first tell you about the weird experience.  First I don’t love sleeping by myself so when I was abruptly awoken at 3:30 AM to a loud banging at my door.  I slowly walked to the door and cautiously looked out my peek hole.  The banging continued and I see a man completely naked outside my door.  At this point he started knocking on the door next to mine.  After he knocked he would walk down the hall and hide in the vending machine area.  Another 10 minutes or so goes by of this routine so I decide to call security.  Security comes up with in a minute or so.  I can hear the man telling the guy that his wife is inside and must have fallen asleep or something.  But I still don’t know why he left his room naked???  Why would you ever leave your room naked?

On Wednesday I start my journey home and I am pleasantly surprised that my flights were all on time.  I am on my last flight for the day, relaxing, and reading my book.  The captain comes over the intercom and says that the plane is having a mechanical issue and they will be making an emergency landing.  So for the last few months or so I have been binge watching the show “Air Disasters”.  So at this point every single episode is running through my mind.  I just wanted to be on the ground.  I sweated through my clothes!!!  The poor man next to me had to listen to me tell all these stories and essentially freak out until we landed.  Turns out that the mechanical issue was easily fixed and we were on our way again.

I land in Grand Rapids and your Daddy picked me up and our joyful reunion was short lived.  I checked my voicemail and I received a call saying that my rental car was returned with $900 worth of damage.  WHAT?!?!  I know I didn’t hit anything.  It must have happened in the parking lot the night before.  So frustrating and nothing I can do about it except submit the claim to my insurance company.

So all in all the trip didn’t go as planned for me personally.

Yesterday I took Eloise to gymnastics class and your best buddy Crew was there.  I picked him up to give him a squeeze and realized quickly that he was tired.  I held him close and rocked him and to my surprise he fell asleep in my arms.  I held him for about an hour as he slept.  Today my arms are sore.  I am not use to holding an 18 month old….you’ve been gone so long.  I couldn’t help but tear up looking at his sweet face as I held him.  Oh I miss this moments with you.  Why…did this happen?  I should be holding you and rocking you to sleep.  It seems so foreign so long ago.

Eloise had her valentine party Thursday afternoon and she had so much fun!  Your Daddy and I were both able to be there and watch her with her friends.  As I looked around the room I felt your absence.  Eloise was probably one of the only kids without a sibling.  She would have loved to have you there to show you off to her friends.  She probably would have quickly got mad when you would try to eat her candy.  But hey that’s what little sisters are for.

As always this life plunges forward and I plunge with it.  That’s exactly how it feels.  I feel like I am plunging through this life and it is messy and hard.

Valentine’s Day was hard.  I shed many tears for you.  I couldn’t get last year’s V-day out of my mind.  You and your sister surprised me with a visit at work.  We had cookies and pink lemonade.  That night we gave you and your sisters your gifts.  Daddy bought you a giraffe and elephant beanie baby.  You immediately started chewing on the elephant.  We have now put this elephant on the shelf next to you.

Eloise was learning to say your whole name…she was getting pretty good at it.

This year I took Eloise to the store and got her a V-day donut and let her pick out a balloon and some candy.  When she took a nap, I laid down too, and missed you.  We sure did miss celebrating with you yesterday a piece of my heart was missing and it hurt.

I hope you had the sweetest v-day in heaven.  Can’t wait to hold you again.  Jesus come soon.

Love you,