MYTH: Baby is safe sleeping in an adult bed.

FACT: Unfortunately, baby is in danger sleeping in an adult bed, or on couches, armchairs or cushions. An adult can roll over on baby or another person’s arm may cover baby’s head or neck, smothering the baby, making it impossible for the baby to breathe. Also, baby can roll or move on her own and end

MYTH: Babies will get lonely in the crib.

FACT: It is possible to bond and develop strong attachments during “awake” time with baby.  Cuddling, holding while feeding, making eye contact, and talking with baby are all ways to develop strong attachments. When baby goes to bed, those feelings don’t go away.  If baby cries while in the crib, soothe baby and then lay him

MYTH: Cribs cause “crib death.”

FACT: Cribs don’t cause “crib death.” “Crib death” is an old term that was used when the deaths of babies were not well understood.  Now, from research, autopsies, death scene investigations and more, we know better. Cribs save lives.


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