FACTUnfortunately, baby is in danger sleeping in an adult bed, or on couches, armchairs or cushions. An adult can roll over on baby or another person’s arm may cover baby’s head or neck, smothering the baby, making it impossible for the baby to breathe. Also, baby can roll or move on her own and end up in a dangerous place such as stuck between the mattress and the headboard or between the bed and the wall or pressed up against a sofa cushion or other loose bedding. Many parents think that they will hear the baby and wake if this happens, but tragically, this isn’t often the case. Many parents also think that bed-sharing is only risky if they have been drinking or taking drugs.  Doing those behaviors does increase the risk, but bed-sharing is dangerous even if the parent is not impaired.

Babies sleep safest when sleeping in their own crib, bassinet or portable play yard – parents will sleep more soundly too!