Sweet Haddie Sue,

Your Mama asked me to write down the story of that one memory you and I made together. Do you remember the one? That one time… I let you fall off my bed? Oh goodness, I still can’t think about it without a twinge of guilt. But you were so forgiving, that I now hold this memory dear.

It all started one day when I was going to watch you for the afternoon. When your Mama dropped you off I remembered that I didn’t have a Pack-n-Play. “Do you think she’ll be OK on my bed?” I asked. We looked at each other for a moment then shrugged our shoulders. “She’ll be fine”, we both said. “I’ll put some pillows around her,” I promised. When naptime came, I made a nice little corral for you on my bed and placed you in the middle. You went to sleep right away and looked super cozy.
After a while, I checked on you and added another pillow just to be sure. All was going well until the end of naptime drew near and I heard a thud come from my room! My stomach dropped as I ran in and found you on the floor. I scooped you up and snuggled you while you cried. You only cried for less than a minute but you had a little red mark between your eyes. When you stopped crying you gave me a look that said “why in the world did you let me fall off your bed?” After all the excitement I decided that some baby food was in order, so I fed you. In no time you were your regular smiley self, except now you had a little red mark as a testimony to your adventure off my bed 🙁
 I miss your sweetness, active crawling, and patting your little bottom.
Love always,
Aunt Emily