Haddie Bo Bo,

Last year at this time I was still on that cruise that we took.  So my #Timehop has been filled with those pictures.  But one of those days we were gone you spent it with Aunt Emily.  She took all these amazing pictures of you.  They are some of my all time favorites.  They captured who you are.  I studied these pictures looking at every detail.  It allowed me to remember some of the things that I have forgotten about you.  You always bit your bottom lip or somehow sucked it into your mouth.  Like this:

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Your eyes were so big and blue, and filled with life, and excitement.  Your smile was so big and you were happy, sweet, and kind.  I miss when you would look me in my eyes and touch my face, like you couldn’t get close enough.



You were easy to please, especially if someone was holding you, or physically touching you.


You really loved one of one time with people and had a funny way way of making them feel loved.  I know you loved me.  Even though you woke me up super early I would always get excited to see your face when you saw mine.


I think this goes without saying but you were just beautiful.  I loved your head.  I think it had a unique shape and I could recognize it always.  You weren’t very adventurous on your own but you were curious.  You loved sticking anything and everything in your mouth and biting.


If I knew you were going to only have 9 months with us I would have spent so much more time knowing you, learning you, and memorizing everything about you.  This would be so much easier if I could just see you and know that you are ok.

I guess I just don’t have much to say today other than I miss you.  I can never accurately convey how much I miss you.  How much I hate living this life without you.  Even though its been 348 days since I have held you I still can’t imagine living one more day without you.


Love you so much.