Haddie Bo Bo,

Daddy has been gone in Ohio for work most of last week.  He got home late on Friday night.  So I took your sister to the aquatic center.  She loves to swim and was teaching you a thing or two in our pool last year before you passed.  She really has no fear.  She went down the kiddie slide like a pro and before I knew what was happening she made a beeline for the big slide.  She didn’t know that she wasn’t tall enough to do it by herself.  I was trying to catch up to her but by the time I did a 16 year old lifeguard, clearly working his first job, felt that he need to yell at her.  Her little heart was broken when I told her she wasn’t tall enough for the big water slide.

Water Slide (see elo video here)

Saturday morning I left for a girls weekend away in Grand Haven with some of my girlfriends from high school.  It’s crazy to think that I have known these girls for most of my life.  They have been an amazing support system for our family.  We spent the day wine tasting, eating, and shopping.  Well they did the wine tasted and I treated myself to a large ice cream cone.  I think Baby Bromley appreciated the ice cream.

IMG_2391IMG_2392my wine.


IMG_2395Katie was having a hard time choosing.


This morning I woke up and checked my Timehop app and there was a picture of you and your sister at the kitchen table eating breakfast.  You have the biggest smile on your face.  I got out of bed and headed downstairs. As we ate breakfast there was talk about what was on the agenda for everyone once they got home.  A couple ladies went to meet their families at church, one was spending the afternoon at the zoo with her girls, and others just enjoying some quality time with their kids and husbands.  I packed my car and headed home.  I was about 5 minutes into my drive and the picture of you and your sister at the table was the only thing I could see.  Yes I would be coming home to your Daddy and your sister and that is always a good thing….but you wouldn’t be there waiting for me.  I should be walking through the door seeing you both at the kitchen table eating waffles.  But my coming home isn’t complete.  You aren’t at the kitchen table where you belong and that realization was heartbreaking for me.  I cried the whole way home and walked in the door and your Daddy knew I was upset.  Your sister came running around the corner and gave me a huge bear hug.  I was missed.  I was loved.  It was almost a perfect home coming.  Coming home isn’t the same without you.  I know what I should be coming home too, but that doesn’t exist anymore.


I love you so much and my heart aches for you always.  Sometimes I wonder if I have cried all my tears for you, but then more always seem to come.  I will always have tears for you and my heart will always break for you.