I want to go home

  Dear Haddie Bo Bo,   Today I am ready to go home. Not to my house. I’m ready to go home to heaven to be with you. I am tired. I am so tired

New Losses

Haddie Bo Bo I am sitting on the couch in the basement of our new house. We did it, we moved. Moving day came so fast. I didn't really have time to think about what

Your Last Day

Dear Haddie Bo Bo, A lot has been going on. Today Fitz is 2 days shy of being 10 months. This is how old you were on the day you died. I have dreaded this

Unexpected Moments

Dear Haddie, Last night I was putting your sister to bed.  She asked for chocolate milk.  When I say asked it was more of a whine, cry, and on the verge of loosing it over

The Other Life

Haddie Bo Bo, Today my mind keeps going there. I feel the lump in my throat rising and I try to swallow it. I feel the tears forming...they are seconds away. I am irritable.  I

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